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Your Transform Yourself Discovery Call

Talk to Mikel about Transforming Yourself

Keisha Golder

Life purpose coach & author

Working with Mikel has changed the path of my life and business. I'm now doing things I thought would take me years to do. With the added bonuses of more joy, being more emotionally centered and marketing skills to move my business forward.

Denisa Foster

Children's Book Author

...And that's why there are 2 P's for permanent by your name! I know that you said that once we got started it was going to happen fast, I was quite expecting this though. I'm being asked to do stuff i never imagined like book signings, and expo's. This is crazy, thank you...

Success! Your 'Transform Yourself Discovery Call' Is On The Calendar!

No-shows without notice will not be rescheduled.

Thank you for scheduling a session with us. We're excited about the opportunity to help you transform yourself and reinvent yourself.

In just 30 minutes on Zoom, you'll gain clarity and direction. This is where your life transforms.

To make the most of our time together, please reflect on the following:

  • What your really want out of your life?
  • The direction you want you life to go and the pathway you believe would be right for you.
  • What you are willing to do to achieve what you want?

Here are the steps we recommend you take next.
Check your inbox for a confirmation email containing your Zoom link and further details on how to join the strategy session.

I'm all about you living the life you believe you is right for you. Let's make it happen together. See you soon!

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On your 30-minute call with Mikel, you'll talk about:

  1. Making sure you are focusing on the right pursuits
  2. Getting yourself on the right path for you
  3. Ensuring that you are rightly progressing toward the transformation that is right for you!

The call will last about 30 minutes. At the end of our time together, you'll know if you have the systems, strategies, and structure to fill your calendar with high quality coaching clients.

If at the end of the call, we both feel there's a fit to work together on your getting you the clients you desire fast, we will talk about waht that looks like. And if it's not a fit, we'll tell you why not and what we recommend to help you get high quality clients. It's a win-win.