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Mikel Sanders

Mikel is an author, success mentor, speaker and former pastor. He has owned several successful brick and mortar businesses and is the Founder and CEO of Stages to Success, LLC, which provides simple, systematic, and sustainable success strategies for Believers’ to build real businesses fast.

His dynamic, straight-forward, step-by-step, yet fun approach to life and business comes from taking the road less travelled and finding a way to succeed. He has been studying and mentoring people in success for more than 15 years. And after more than 20 years digging through the pages of the Bible is called by those that know him well, “A walking New Testament.”

He has been fortunate enough to for more than 15 years, be a part of watching friends, family and those that he served as pastor or mentor make amazing transformations in any area of life that you can imagine. He is living his dream of helping people “be transformed.”

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