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NLP really does change lives. It truly doesn’t matter what your mental or emotional challenge is Neurolingistic Programing can profoundly produce amazing changes and outcomes for you.

Don’t take my word for it, watch as Tony Ribbons helps Rechaud Bell go from a stutter to someone that can electricify a crowd of 5,000!

How inspiring!

The NLP Techniques that Helped Rechaud Change!

Wanna a rundown of what Tony did to help Rechaud? There’s a lot that goes on in this session. It would take to long to share all of the NLP techniques and strategies that Tony used, I won’t leave you wondering though.

After all, I do write these posts to help you! 🙂

Understanding An NLP Session

An NLP session, like anything else has a system or a flow to it. A pattern that we call “framing.” Framing is simply the process of the session. It goes like this:

  • Rapport
  • Outcome
  • Ecology
  • Techniques

If you follow along with Tony, you’ll notice him walk through all of the stages.

Some NLP Strategies that You Can Start Using Today!

You Gotta Believe!

In the Video, you see Tony uncover Rechaud’s challenge that he wants to overcome, namely stuttering. Then, Tony begins to help Rechaud understand that he can overcome his challenges.

Whether, you are attempting to be a change agent for someone else or simply for yourself belief is a key component to making it happen.

After all, if your believing bank account is overdrawn, how can you withdraw the resources needed to produce the change that you are after?

Identify the Real Issue

Most people would have assumed that a stuttering problem would require a speech therapist and a few years of retraining the brain and other parts of the body to respond in a new way.

Just by watching, you discovered that the issue had nothing to do with speech patterns at all. Be sure to identify your real issue before you begin to tackle the things that you desire to change.

“all patterns like that happen because you have forgotten something that happened right before that moment. Now, you are locked in by the pattern.

There’s a decision you made, or something you experienced or life was very different before that moment. Go back to right before that moment and I want you to recapture what you forgot.”

 One sidenote: Not all issues require that you go back to a time when you were 2 years old. Somethings can be address in the present or the future.

Anchoring for Success

Before we deal with anchoring, let’s address something that I mentioned a little earlier when talking about belief. Tony gets his permission consciously and unconsciously to allow the change to occur. If you want to change something in your life, give yourself permission to change it.

NLP practitioners aren’t miracle workers, we aren’t even the ones that produce the change, you are!

 After that, Tony has Rechaud to create a non-verbal anchor to himself (hand on the center of the chest)

While creating some verbal anchors (“the warrior is…”). Notice Tony’s hand continuously touching Rechaud’s shoulder at the height of the emotion–this was another anchor.

You can anchor just about anything to yourself, success, confidence, wealth, etc. Remember to create a chain of anchors for the resource state that you want to create for yourself.

I know that these NLP Techniques will help you to believe more, be more and build the life that you want, start applying them today!

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